Stag Party Life Drawing

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It’s time for sophistication

This refined activity will have you and your fellow stags practising your artistic talents and finding your inner Picasso…while staring at a naked woman. That’s right boys, at a life drawing class you can still have the hot naked girl while undertaking a sophisticated and classy activity. Your bride-to-be can’t argue with that. It’s art. And your stags will be happy because our life models are hot!


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What is the class breakdown?

The art of nakedness

The class lasts about one and a half hours, in which time you’ll be given some pointers by your tutor and you’ll sketch away as this naked beauty poses for you. There’ll be games and activities as the party atmosphere gets going, and you’ll each get a free party hat beret to make you really feel the part! There’ll even be a free bottle of wine for the best artist. All the artist’s materials needed will be supplied, all you need to do is capture this sexy female model as she poses nude for you in a variety of positions.

Our life drawing model is experienced in the art of striking poses and flexing her body in just the right way for you to capture her curves and sketch her skin. She knows how best to present herself and if you can take your eyes off her long enough to actually draw her, she’ll even tell you what she thinks of it. But don’t worry if you’re no good at drawing, this activity is fun and you can just have a good laugh at each other’s attempts. On the other hand, if you do fancy yourself as the next Van Gough, you can really impress our gorgeous model!

Where does a life drawing stag do take place? and Prices?

Between creativity and a hot bod!

We arrange a venue for you, often in a bar or hotel, or if you prefer you can choose your own location and we’ll come to you. Our models and tutors are flexible and can take the life drawing activity wherever and whenever you like.

The cost of organising your life drawing for a stag do varies depending on the size of your party, the venue you choose and the city location. To find out how much your stag party life drawing will be, get an instant quote today.