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Topless waitresses will arrive at your party in their skimpy outfits intent on attending to your needs. Our girls can be there early to welcome your guests, giving them a big surprise when they see you have some very special help on hand. You can hire a topless waitress to serve your drinks and bring you your snacks, because who wants to get their own drinks on their stag do? They’re loads of fun and will chat and have some friendly, cheeky banter with you. These gorgeous girls will play your party games, while fetching you another cold beer from the fridge. They’ll even do the washing up after!


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Recent Events

Mike’s Stag Party

“Really Enjoyed it”

Mike’s Stag Party

“Good times”

Paddy’s Stag Party

“Lisa & Jane were so great, mixed and served us cocktails, played games and made us all feel at ease. All in all was a success” 

Why hire a Topless Waitress?

They are semi-nude

You can hire a topless waitress for any occasion you like, retirement party, birthday bash, lads night, but it’s still most popular with stag dos. Our topless waitresses are ready to bring the cheeky fun to any event and they’ll turn up where you want when you want, ready to wait on you. Whatever the occasion, topless waitresses are professional waitresses, just with less clothing that usual!

What do Topless Waitresses wear?


The quick answer to ‘what does a topless waitress wear?’ is – not very much! Your semi-naked serving girls will be semi-naked! More specifically, they will be naked from the waist up. What they wear on the bottom half can be your choice. Our topless waitresses might typically wear tight-fitting waitress style skirts or skimpy little mini skirts, but there are other options too. You can request that they arrive in nothing more than sexy lingerie. They can wait on you in stockings and suspenders or bunny-girl knickers. If you have a specific idea of what you’d like your topless waitresses to wear just let us know.

3 Key reasons to book a sexy Topless Waitress

1. Have as many as you want – There’s no upper limit on the number of topless waitresses you can book. When it comes to thinking about how many semi-naked serving girls you want at your party, take into account the number of guests you’re expecting. If you want your party to run smoothly and the beer to keep flowing consider having a handful of serving girls to keep up with your demands.

2. These girls are sexy and professional – You want some sexy girls around for you and your fellow stags, but you also want waitresses who know one beer bottle from another. Our naked waitresses are stunning, and they also know how to tend bar and serve like pros. Relax with your mates while your topless waitresses fix your drinks and fetch your snacks. These beauties are handy with a tray and they organise your drinks to keep the beer flowing.

3. Every guy loves a naked girl – Even if your stag is a little shy, what guy doesn’t want to watch a semi naked stunner fetching him drinks and snacks?

What cities can you hire a nude waitress in? Prices?

Topless Waitress

We got you covered

We can supply topless waitresses in any city in the UK and Ireland. Wherever you’re partying, we’ve got the serving girls for you. Prices for your topless waitress depend on what you want. Want her for longer than one hour? Need 2 girls? No problem, we can tailor your experience. Get a quote online today.